Step 1:

If you are a new client or prospective client, please create a new client profile on the “New Clients” tab. From there, we will review your information and approve/reject your account which will notify you via e-mail. Once approved, you can go ahead and complete a detailed profile for each of your pets and place a service order request for the dates and times you will be needing our help. Please be patient and give us a couple days to process as we try to make sure the sitter assigned is the best fit for your fur family.

Step 2:

Once your service request is in, we will identify your pet sitter/dog walker and schedule a complimentary meet and greet, if time permits. The meet and greet should take place before the first service begins and is a great opportunity for us to meet you and your pets, go over the location of supplies, go over their routine in detail and answer any questions you may have. Please have a copy of your key during the meet and greet for us to hang onto for future visits. If you have a door code/garage access this is a good time to show us how to best enter/exit. Any alarm or security information we need to know should also be discussed at this time.

Step 3:

Enjoy! We now have your schedule on the calendar, sitter identified and meet and greet under our belt, so go enjoy your trip, job, or staycation without worry! We will update you with photos and a brief message explaining how each visit went after each visit has been completed. These updates will automatically go to your email on file, but to simplify your experience, we highly recommend downloading the mobile app, Time to Pet, so you can receive and respond to messages, update your profile on the go, add or modify any service requests and pay invoices with ease. This will be the main point of contact between you and your sitter/the manager so everyone is on the same page at all times. You will use the same login credentials you used to create your profile.